• This is one of the most extensive marsh areas along the Scheldt River. It is characterised by open grassy plains, ditches and trenches.Kalkense meersen
  • A marsh is a wetland or low-lying grassland.
  • The symbol of this nature reserve is the black-tailed godwit, an elegant wader that appears in mid-March to brood.
  • The 800-hectare area includes various paved and unpaved roads that you can walk on.
  • To discover the loveliest corners, three walking loops were mapped out in the Kalkense Meersen Route (6, 8 or 9 km, starts at Schellebelle ferry).
  • It is possible that routes are temporarily inaccessible or difficult to navigate due to the Sigma Plan.

Go boating on the touristic Leie river with your friends, colleagues or relatives for just a couple of hours or even a Minerva Boat Company
whole day.

You’ll peacefully pass beautiful gardens as well as the painter’s villages St.-Martens-Latem and Deurle. Every day a few cabrio boats, family boats and luxury sloops can explore the historic center of Ghent. Due to heavy boat traffic in the centre of Ghent experience is recommended.

  • This 13th-century inhabited castle is only 3 km from Karels Halte. kasteel laarne 960 720
    It is owned by the non-profit organisation “Royal Association of Historic Residences in Belgium”.
  • While you stroll through the great halls, donjon or chapel, the rich tapestries, candlestands and paintings offer a sense of what life in the castle was like.
  • It is one of the best preserved water fortresses in Belgium.
  • From time to time the castle is adorned with begonias from the Flower Region.



Ghent is a historic city, yet at the same time a contemporary one. The modern daily Gent001 800 x 600
life of the city’s active inhabitants plays itself out against a gorgeous historical backdrop. In Ghent, they live, work and enjoy life over and over again each day.

A couple enjoys the peace of an authentic beguinage. Parents and children stroll through the traffic-free streets of the city centre. A tourist snaps a photo of the three towers, as so many have before, but just a little differently. A businessman with an iPhone walks along the distinctive Graslei.

Dozens of pavement cafes invite you to discover Ghent’s specialities. The sun is reflected in the many waterways.


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